Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sick sick sick

I have had the stomach virus all weekend. I went to Keishia's on Thursday where everyone was suppose to be feeling better and I get a text from Keishia once I went home that said WARNING, AIMSLEY IS THROWING UP EVERYWHERE! So I prepared myself and slept with phenergan, a glass of water, a wet rag, and a trash can all beside the bed because I just knew I would wake up with it. I felt fine all day Friday until Saturday morning I was doing Insanity and literally passed out. The rest of the day my stomach just felt awful. It finally got me at about 8 o'clock. Thank goodness Matthew's mother was in town who is a nurse and took care of me! I feel like I am on the mend!!! Meanwhile Keishia still isn't feeling great but Aimsley is feeling better. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon!

The picture below cracks me up. Aimsley thinks its funny to throw her food in the floor and this time it got stuck to her forehead. So funny! The other picture is of me and Aimsley on Thursday. I love when Keishia captures these moments! I love her more than this world! And look at those chubby cheeks!

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