Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Girl Walking!

So Aimsley is officially a cruiser! The other night during the UK game Keishia and Chase watched it at Jamie and Eric's and Aimsley just decided to let go and walk! She has been consistently letting go and taking a few steps here and there from toy to toy but she just decided to take off! Keishia texted me the video and I screamed! It was so exciting.

Bad news is that Keishia got sick again on Saturday night and all day Sunday and I myself was out of work two days this past week with it again. Miserable. We are both feeling much better and hopefully that is the last we see of that stupid stomach bug! Aimsley also go to meet the Hatcher's today! None of Dad's family had ever met her and we went to one of my cousin's baby shower! Everyone thought she was precious but of course we already knew this. She got to meet two of her cousin's Piper and Shayla as well!

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