Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aimsley and Mommy Tuesday

I am dedicating this post to Aimsley and Mommy Tuesday! Keishia is very fortunate to be able to take off work on Tuesdays and spend the day with Aimsley. Most of her doctors appointments and errands are ran on this day! Aimsley only has to go to daycare only 3 times a week which is wonderful! She gets to spend time with Grammy on Wednesdays as well. Something cool Keishia started doing was taking a picture of her and Aimsley every Tuesday! I know me and many other people look forward to seeing the Aimsley and Mommy Tuesday pictures. Not only do they show Aimsley changing but they show her personality as well! I have put together a collage of all of the Aimsley and Mommy Tuesday pictures for the first year of her life!!! I know we will always enjoy looking back at these through the years!

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