Sunday, September 23, 2012

BCHS Go Big Blue!

Aimsley attended her first high school football game this past Friday. Attending sporting events in our hometown is a family tradition. We have so many cousins who are like brothers and sisters that we continue to go to games through the years for support. It is also very cool that we have all shared the same numbers! Our family is very well known in sports holding many records and being known to be one of the best athletes on the team. I love this! This year Elijah is a senior and is the quarter back of the football team. He is an all around athlete and I just love to watch him play! I take some credit in his basketball skills because we would play until dark throughout our childhood! With football he is one of the best quarterbacks in the state and has broken many Butler County records. I could not be more proud of him. He plans to play football in college and I will definitely be making trips to wherever he decides to go in order to watch him play! I also can't wait for basketball season. I know he will lead his team far! Although we did not think to take a picture at Aimsley first game we did figure out that we need some earplugs at the next one. Butler County always has a wonderful band and they keep the crowd going throughout the game. From the band to the numerous cowbells, lets just say Aimsley was a little scared! But at least now we know! Since there are no pictures of the game I'll just show some pictures from the week. Aimsley got to spend time with Oma on Tuesday, Grammy on Wednesday and Ella on Thursday! She had a fun week of visitors!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Last of Whittinghill's Grocery

This past weekend a family staple was auctioned off. Although we were quite sad about it and I cried thinking about it, I know it is a huge burden lifted off of my granny. Whittinghill's Grocery was started by my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather Roxy and Ruil Whittinghill. Then later my Granny and her sister took over. Not only was I raised in this store which is a mile from my house, my mother grew up in it as well. They have the best sandwiches around and a plethora of old fashioned candy. I would stop here every morning to grab breakfast before school, and my granny would also make me a sandwich for lunch. On basketball game days she would have my pack of Bubblicious Grape bubblegum waiting for me. This is the only kind of gum I would chew during games! I remember helping my grandmother there as a kid and putting the cigarettes and tobacco away in their right spots!  This is a bittersweet place that will be in my memories forever. I hope the family who bought it will enjoy it as much as we did!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blue Bridge Fun!

What a busy week and weekend this little girl had!! We enjoyed this amazing weather at another one of Chase's soccer games! Aimsley was decked out in her Under Armor! I have yet to find some cute Nike shoes to get her...but it really isn't necessary for her to wear shoes quite yet...I'll get her some when she starts walking! We also enjoyed Aimsley and Aunt Kei Kei Thursday full of giggles, bath time, and Mickey before bed! Then this weekend Aimsley made a trip to Owensboro and got to walk across the Blue Bridge with the Embry's. Below you will see a picture of the whole Embry Clan!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


No more prop sitting for this little bunny she is officially sitting up on her own. Lord she will be walking before we know it. I hate that she is growing up so fast but I am loving seeing her little personality shine through!

Aimsley had a busy weekend this weekend! She went to Owensboro with Keishia and Chase to meet a new friend, then spent some time in Jetson with us and to meet her new cousin Dean! Chase's Best Man just recently had a baby and their baby's baptism was this past weekend so they attended that in Owensboro!

The first picture below is a picture from back in August that I had forgotten about. I just love this picture! Its me and Aimsley hanging out watching Mickey! Two of her favorite things to do....hang out with Aunt Kei Kei and watch Mickey!!! I cherish these times with her. 

Now on to some Jetson pictures. We just love when Aimsley comes to Jetson. Home is my favorite place in the world and I hope Aimsley appreciates it as much as I do now! Simple country living is the best thing in life. When I am feeling a little stressed a good trip to Jetson is the perfect cure. Just sitting on our beautiful porch looking out into the farm is one of my most favorite things to do. I can definitely see me and Matthew living out there one day. He will spend his afternoons hunting and I will spend mine sitting on the porch and enjoying the quiet time! Sounds like the perfect life for me! Matthew is also wonderful with Aimsley! I cannot wait for this man to be the father of my children. I know he will make a great one!

Aimsley and Dean loved getting to meet each other! They are 2 months apart and both so special!

And this last pic is just a very precious picture of the whole Embry family. Are they not just perfect?! And is Aimsley not a spitting image of her daddy?