Saturday, March 31, 2012

D-Day and a 1/2

After getting moved into a room and getting a bath and a little sleep Aimsley was finally able to spend time with mommy and daddy! Aimsley had lots and lots of visitors this day! I was happy to be the first to get to hold Aimsley the next morning at the hospital. She was just perfect and so much smaller than she appeared to be in the picture! Keishia had a little trouble feeding because everyone was beginners! Aimsley saw lots of doctors and lots of friends and family! Some of the visitors included Grammy and Poppaw, Oma and Opa (Chase's Parents Debbie and Bob), Great Aunt Linda and Uncle David, Great Aunt Tina and cousin Christina, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Cliff and cousin Caden. Aimsley lost a little bit of weight this day but nothing to worry about! Also the BIG game was on that night...UK vs UL. Aimsley slept all day until right before the UK game. She woke up just to watch the game. UK pulled out the win (of course) and Aimsley went right back to sleep after the game! What a wonderful day!


Hi everyone! I'm Aunt Kei-Kei. I am so proud to be an aunt to little Aimsley Caroline. You may be wondering about the title "Bunny Biography"? Well I call her bunny! Not sure why or where this came about, but it turns out its kind of perfect for her. She kicks like a bunny constantly when changing her diaper or clothes and she likes to snuggle like a bunny! So Aimsley is my little bunny!

I am writing this blog for many reasons. One is for the parents Keishia and Chase. They are first time parents and want to capture every moment of this little girls life because she is going to grow up too fast. I am also writing this for grandparents and greatgrandparents, great aunts and uncles, and friends of the family because not everyone gets the opportunity to see little bunny daily like I am able to! This will allow everyone to keep up with her and see her everyday. I am really blessed with this little gift that God has given us not only because she is perfect and has brought our family closer, but because I myself am learning how to be a mother as well. Watching my sister with Aimsley everyday is really teaching me a lot! My mother (grammy) is also remembering things constantly that she had forgotten about since it was 24 years ago since her last one (ME)! Also along the way I hope some new mothers start reading this and even commenting with some of their experiences so that we can all learn new things! SO here is the story of the day little Aimsley Caroline Embry was born!

Aimsley's due date was April 11, 2012 originally. One day before Keishia's birthday! On Thursday March 29, 2012 Keishia went in for her weekly checkup! Aimsley was perfectly healthy and Keishia was dilated 2 centimeters and 75% effaced or thinned out. At first me and Chase thought effaced meant how far around Aimsley was turned in the belly to be face down but its actually how thinned out the cervix is. HA rookie mistake! The doctor told her he thought that she would still be a couple of weeks. After the doctors appointment Keishia was hurting pretty bad an bleeding a little which is common after exams when you are that far along. The contractions continued through the night and through the next day. Keishia actually worked a full day of work that day (tough one) and left around 3 o' clock to come home because she felt a little different. Me and Grammy and Poppaw were on edge allday just waiting for that call. I called Keishia at around 5:30 pm and she was laying in bed having contractions while Chase was outside mowing the yard. I started timing the contractions and she was around 5 minutes apart. I kept telling her she was in labor but being as stubborn as she is she said that she couldn't be because it didn't hurt THAT bad. After getting off the phone I called Grammy and Poppaw and told them to pack a bag that I think we will be having a baby tonight.

At 7:00 Keishia called and told me that her and Chase was going to go into town to get something to eat and if she still felt the way she did then they were going to go ahead and go to the hospital. At 7:33 pm I texted Keish to see how she felt and she said fine, just getting some food. By 7:50 I have a couple of missed calls and I call her back and she is at the hospital in labor. HAHA big change in 20 minutes huh. Apparently Chase was taking too long to order his food at Sonic and Keishia had a bad contraction and started yelling at him and so they just went to the hospital. HAHA. I called Grammy and Poppaw and then headed over. At the hospital Keishia was doing really well. I could tell she was in a lot of pain. The doctor did not get there until around 10:45 pm and she was about 6 centimeters. The doctor thought that she was going to take a while so he actually went back home to sleep. Keishia's water broke and got her epidural and everything was much better. At 12:45 they checked her again and she was 9 centimeters and it was almost time to push. They had to wait on Dr. Gas to get back and to get Keishia ready and after pushing for 30-45 minutes baby Aimsley was here! She was born on March 31, 2012 at 2:18am! She was 6 lbs 15.5 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long! Perfect little girl!!!