Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Bunny

Aimsley got to meet the Easter Bunny this weekend!!! I missed it because I was out of town but I got to hear all about it! Apparently Aimsley was pointing at him like she wanted him. Well once they put her in his lap, she didn't cry at first and was fine, but you could tell she was freaked out. I mean I would be too. The Easter Bunny is very creepy! WAY more than Santa. But she was a trooper and they were able to get some cute pictures. I cannot wait to see Aimsley hunt Easter Eggs at Granny's and most importantly I can't wait to teach her the TRUE meaning of Easter when she gets older. Let's not forget that God sent his ONLY son to die for us and he defeated death and he is RISEN! Praise him! Happy Easter everyone!

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